Memorial service: Mikko’s letter

It was some day in July 1967 when I (Mikko) came home and my wife (Tuula) said: ”Your cousin Jack and his wife Esther and their children Becky and Ted from the USA are coming to visit us”. I said: “I don’t know those relatives”. Anyway they came and Jack had the genealogy with him. He had studied the family Lehtisalo from the year 1735 and he told that my grandmother Justina Mäntysalo (Lehtisalo) and Jack’s mother Serafia Lehtisalo were sisters. It was so nice to meet them, a very friendly and happy couple.

Next time we met him in the year 1981. We were tutors of CISV-organisation for young boys and girls visiting Troy, Ohio. Jack came there with his pick-up and we drove together to Olmsted Falls and visited their home. Esther took care of us like we were their best friends. It was interesting to see all Jack’s work and things he had designed. We still use the vegetable drier he has made. Esther and Jack arranged a family reunion. Then we had a nice opportunity to meet many of our relatives, who lived in the USA.

In the year 1989 (Mikko’s 50 years birthday year) we spent a month in the USA meeting many of our relatives. Jack and Esther drove us to meet Jo-Ann and Bob and Lilian. After that we together flew to Wausau, where was again a family reunion arranged. We met many people whose parents had immigrated to the USA from Finland. We had a very nice time with them and it always reminds in our minds.

We are so thankful receiving your mails so often about Esther’s life since Jack passed away. Her life was very long, full of happiness. We are very proud and happy we got to know her. We miss her.

Naantali the 4th June 2015

Mikko and Tuula


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