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October 29, 2014–my boyfriend left me!

She was in great spirits today.  On this last warm afternoon before a predicted cold (very cold) front arrives, we sat out on the porch and chatted.  Or I chatted, but she listened intently and made appropriate comments.  I told … Continue reading

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October 16, 2014–grumpy

There was a “family meeting” scheduled at 2:30 p.m. today that went on forever. Several staff members spoke about what they do. A couple were intelligible. The director asked for a consensus about several things they apparently have done in … Continue reading

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October 13, 2014–Halloween humor

I hadn’t seen her for two weeks–a deep chest cough that wouldn’t (hasn’t quite) gone away made me afraid I’d infect her.  I did talk with her on the phone a couple of times, but doubt if she remembers. She … Continue reading

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