February 16, 2015–who’s your mama?

She’s been a bit more alert during our conversations the last couple of weeks.  No change in mental acuity, but she has tried hard to focus and follow.

Saturday, about half way through our visit, I asked her, “Do you know who I am?”

“You’re Rube Parker’s daughter (Phyllis).”

“No, I’m your daughter, Tina.”


“Why did you change mothers?”

Ba-da-boom!  Sometimes her one-liners are deliberate.  This one just popped out and cracked me up!

I have not liked the way the “beautician” at QO has been cutting her hair, and this last time was particularly bad.  I think I will wait until next month and ask her if I can come in to the little salon there and show her how I want it done.  I used to cut her hair when she lived with me, though I’m very slow.  I’m not sure she can sit long enough for me to do it anymore.

I’ve also put in a request for leg supports for her wheel chair.  I’m wondering if one reason she is sliding down so much is just so her feet will touch the floor.  I’m sorry it did not occur to me before how uncomfortable it must be to have ones feet just dangling all the time.


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