October 29, 2014–my boyfriend left me!

She was in great spirits today.  On this last warm afternoon before a predicted cold (very cold) front arrives, we sat out on the porch and chatted.  Or I chatted, but she listened intently and made appropriate comments.  I told her about a day trip I’d recently taken to the north Georgia mountains with a friend and our combined four dogs.  We’d taken picnic lunches. What was her favorite picnic lunch?  Tuna fish sandwiches!  I was surprised she could call that to mind.

I told her about hiring a young man to help me dig up and transplant my amaryllis and what a time he had had with the hard packed clay.  She offered a few comments about gardening.

So what had been going on with her, I asked?

“My boyfriend left me.”

I laughed and said, “I think you need to tell me about this boyfriend.”

“Well, he has four legs.  Kind of longish hair…”

At that moment, right on cue, Mozart jumped from her lap to mine.  She grinned broadly.

“But I have another right here.”

Ever faithful, William nuzzled her hand, demanding attention.

Her sense of humor is still intact.  How nice.


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One Response to October 29, 2014–my boyfriend left me!

  1. Fran Covert says:

    Oh Tina, how wonderful that your dear mother still -at times – has such a delightful sense of
    of humor. She surely loves to tease you. Fran

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