October 16, 2014–grumpy

There was a “family meeting” scheduled at 2:30 p.m. today that went on forever.

Several staff members spoke about what they do. A couple were intelligible. The director asked for a consensus about several things they apparently have done in the past. Fewer than half the hands were raised in favor, but she saw them as affirmation and declared the activities will be continued.

Even my question about the Halloween carnival–which wasn’t held last year– were met with vague. inadequate responses that clarified nothing.

I discovered that her Camomile tea has been gone for a while. Also that her much loved bracelet i made for her was broken, pieces in her drawer.

No one thought to tell me.

She wasn’t properly dressed again.

I had the dogs with me in their doggy pram, because “dogs aren’t allowed in the dining room.”

Even though at least one other dog was hand held in its owner’s lap. No one objected. At least not out loud.

I had put Mother’s hearing aide in her ear. “Wow,” she said. She could actually hear the musical group that was singing.

Family members were asked to sit forward for the meeting. When i returned to her with punch and cookies, she had removed the hearing aid, saying “They said I should take it out before bed.”

Another reason why she can’t wear it. I know I put it in properly.

I told her it was 4:45 p.m, and supper would be served soon. Did she want to sit in the lobby so the dogs could be in her lap?

“Oh no! They cause too much trouble and get in the way. I need to get ready for bed.”

“But–they love you, and you love them. And it is the middle of the afternoon.”

She was adamant.

I wheeled her into the lobby, which was crowded with family members, then went back to get the dogs.

As soon as I placed them in her lap, she was happy. “Your father is a policeman now,” she told me.

What? Oh–her stepfather, Reuben Parker, had been made a policeman, before he was later forced to turn over his weapon for family violence. (See earlier posts.)

She accused the dogs of clawing and ruining her bracelet, the one I had made for her a couple of years ago. I assured her the dogs hadn’t been responsible, but took them and her to her room to look for it

Sure enough a few of the pieces were in her top drawer. No one had thought to tell me.

I will report a lot of this at the care planning meeting next Tuesday.


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