October 13, 2014–Halloween humor

I hadn’t seen her for two weeks–a deep chest cough that wouldn’t (hasn’t quite) gone away made me afraid I’d infect her.  I did talk with her on the phone a couple of times, but doubt if she remembers.

She was wearing a nice hooded Quiet Oaks sweatshirt.  Don’t know where she got it, but I didn’t argue this one.  We sat out on the back patio, and though it was about 75 degrees, there was enough of a breeze I zipped it up and pulled the hood over her head to keep her warm.

Working on her toenails didn’t take very long.  The staff is being faithful about using the medication for nail fungus, and they are healing nicely.

I told her about upcoming events, especially what I know of the Halloween party they are planning in a couple weeks.

“Do you want to dress up?  What should we be–clowns?”

“Why can’t I just go as myself.  That oughtta scare ’em!”

Whee!  Her sense of humor is intact!

I had to explain to her again that I’m not Phyllis, but Tina. Daughter.  Oh.  Yes of course, but daughter is just a word, not a relationship anymore.

She asked if I knew “how Mom is doing.”  I said I didn’t have a clue.  She feels guilty for not calling her.  I told her not to worry, her mom knows she loves her.  I thought she was going to get emotional, but it passed.


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