August 3, 2014–99th birthday!

It has been a very long time since I’ve posted.  Part of the problem is I have a new iPhone which has been giving me fits, and photos on my old iPhone won’t upload.  I had hoped to include more, but those at the end of this entry are the best I can do for now.

She has been stable the last few weeks.  Many of the worrisome behaviors–endless scratching of her face, trying to get up from her (unlocked) wheelchair and walk around, sobbing for her mother–are no longer issues.  She seems content in her internal world, only occasionally asking about “mom” or “the folks.”  I’m told she frequently sings to herself, or holds animated conversations, whether or not anyone is around to listen.

With this in mind, and knowing she doesn’t need or want “things,” a friend of mine and I prepared “20 Top Hits of the Early Twentieth Century” to sing for her on her birthday. The staff grouped about 20 residents around us, and we sat and did our thing. (Fortunately, most of the audience was hard of hearing!)  A few of the ladies really got into it, and the amazing thing was that Mother remembered most of the words!

I had brought doughnut holes and lemonade for everyone, and one candle for her to blow out.  I’m not sure if she can even see one candle flame in front of her, but she blew and it worked.

We took her out on the porch.  Al and Karen, who used to visit her at Whispering Pines, were with us.  She liked having the birthday cards read to her, but by the time we got to the presents I brought (clothing) she was exhausted and couldn’t get the tissue paper off.

The next week I was out there twice–once for a care planning meeting, and the second time for their party for the month’s birthday people.  The only thing of note at the meeting was her blood pressure has been creeping up over the last six months.  They hadn’t noticed, but I did, and have asked that their doctor look into this.  If he cannot (or will not) I will schedule an appointment with her cardiologist.  Her medications haven’t been changed since at least 2005.  I’m concerned, but not yet alarmed, and will follow up with this in a couple of days.

Although she had been fairly alert earlier in July, she was less so at the end of the month. She doesn’t remember the dogs’ names anymore, they are the “big one,” and the “little one.”  They haven’t forgotten her, though, especially William!

in celebration of her 99th.  I took them out to her the next day.

Altar flowers in celebration of her 99th. I took them out to her the next day.

on the porch on her birthday

on the porch on her birthday

with her buddies

with her buddies

faithful William

faithful William

2d (group) birthdayparty

2d (group) birthdayparty

Pretty slacks!  (no, they hadn't combed her hair for any of these!)

Pretty slacks! (no, they hadn’t combed her hair for any of these!)


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