May 9, 2014–note to me from our friend, Al

I did get to see Esther this morning and found her more coherent than usual. She talked quite a bit and could seem to keep track of what was said. She seems able to hear me reasonably well if we sit close together and I talk loudly.  As I drove up, a bus was loading a bunch of school kids who had been visiting Quiet Oaks. Quite a few of the residents were still sitting in a circle in the dining room when I got there about 11 a.m. Your mother said that the kids were nice to visit and that a few of them sang songs. Your mother was singing one of her old songs, and I could recognize the tune but not the name. She said she couldn’t remember the name but said: “Tina will know what the name is.” So you aren’t Phyllis today–at least as far as remembering old song titles!

All the rest of the ladies (and a man or two) were asleep, but your mother was merrily and happily singing to herself when I arrived. We went out to the foyer and talked. She seemed much more interested in talking than usual. I told her that her jasper clock she made* is still ticking away and that so is Esther.  She thought that was funny, but did remember hunting for rocks and that some rocks wouldn’t take a polish and other kinds would. That seems to have been a part of her life she enjoyed a lot. She did mention her mother hadn’t been around very much lately but that she would be back.

Well, that’s the report. I think she is doing very well and looks good

*(Mother gave Al one of the clocks she made several years ago.  He has been so faithful and kind in visiting her, it was her way of saying thank you, back before her memory started to fail so badly.)


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