May 4, 2014–no singing!

Maybe it’s because I was visiting just after lunch.  The fact that I remembered her hearing aid helped, too, I’m sure.  She was calm, alert and more responsive than usual.  We were sitting on the front porch as several families brought their QO residents out in wheelchairs.  We chatted, I got their names, and introduced them to Esther.  She seemed to enjoy meeting so many new people.  With each, I explained that she is blind, so when she doesn’t speak to them it’s because she doesn’t know they are there.

I reminded her that she used to like to do exercises.  She was quite willing to have me put her through her “paces”–lift each leg straight out from the knee, each forearm  straight up from the elbow, turn her head from side to side as far as she could.  It was interesting that she could turn much further to the left than to the right.

As I wheeled her around the parking lot and sidewalks, she said, “It’s good that you can come to visit.  Mom’s eyes are getting so bad it’s hard for her to get out.”

“Oh, when did her eyes start going bad?”

“I can’t remember, it’s been coming on for some time.”

It is the first time (I think) I remember her talking about her mother having poor vision.  She didn’t seem upset today, just matter-of-fact.  We take what we can get, I suppose.





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