February 10, 2014–further changes

Although her chest is clear and she seems to have recovered completely from the bronchitis, she seems much weaker.  I tried to help her to the bathroom yesterday and she had trouble walking and keeping her balance even with me hugging her arm close next to me.

She no longer moves her head to look around her.  Even with light/dark vision, she used to be able to distinguish objects enough to avoid them.  Now she doesn’t even try.

I could not get her to stand up straight.  It was like last time when she was walking her feet forward under the sink.  I was patiently waiting,  trying to let her manipulate her own clothing, and she just couldn’t do it.

When she was finished and I was trying to help her back into her wheelchair, she could not turn to find it, kept trying to sit too soon and pushing the chair away, even though the wheels were locked.  I had to ease her to the floor and get two CNA’s to help lift her into the chair.  I’m not strong enough to do it.

So this is a new change.  I can never take her “out” again, and think the time for off-site doctors’ appointments is over.  I simply can’t handle her weight and lack of coordination.

I called Mary yesterday to ask if she wanted to continue to visit, what with all the changes and challenges and she told me honestly that it has gotten to be too much.  I understand.

Her decline is progressing.


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