February 4, 2014–she’s fine!

Last Wednesday, after three nights in the hospital, she was discharged.  The diagnosis was bronchitis, not pneumonia.  The kept her on a bronchial dilator and antibiotics for a week following, and they worked.

I did have to have the nursing home remove incorrect notes from her medical chart. They had her down as having COPD and some allergies, all of which are not true.

The hospital is very close to home, so I visited her daily.  Wednesday, when she was discharged, she was telling me a long, involved, very detailed story about how her step father had drowned while trying to save his two sons, who also drowned.  It “was in this morning’s paper, page 2, right hand column.”  She had told the same story to her nurse.

None of it is true–not the story, and since she has been blind for several years, certainly not a newspaper article.  But it was very real to her, indicative of her worsening dementia.

I went out to QO today to supervise her haircut in their beauty parlor.  My goodness, she still has the most beautiful hair.  No one else in the family inherited it, much to our chagrin.  I had the dogs with me and she was happy to have them in her lap, but had little to say and seemed to have more trouble hearing.  No hearing aid because they won’t be responsible for keeping it out of the laundry.  It lives in my glove compartment and I forgot to take it in with me.

She sounded good–lungs clear, no wheezing or coughing.  But her mental acuity has slipped again.


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