January 24, 2014–illness

Last Sunday when I took her outside at QO for some fresh air and sunshine, I heard a slight “rattle” in her throat.  She was very tired–no nap because several church groups had come after lunch.

I didn’t keep her out long, and was a bit alarmed when, while helping her in the bathroom, she seemed unable to remember how to stand up!  I had gotten her in front of the sink to wash her hands, but she had “walked” her feet so far forward under the basin that the only things holding her up were my leaning into her from behind and her grasping the edges of the sink with both hands.

What to do?  The call button was ‘way across the room on her bed, the wheelchair just outside, at right angles to the bathroom door.  All the CNA’s were helping other residents get to the dining room for supper.

I finally physically pushed her feet back so they were more squarely under her and told her she had to hold on for dear life while I counted to five and got the wheel chair.  She was able to focus long enough for me to let go, grab the chair, and position it behind her just as she started to collapse into it.


I got a call from one of the nurses this morning.  She has some congestion in both lungs.  Did I want them to send her for an X-ray?  Seeing as it was 14 degrees with a wind chill somewhere in Siberia, I suggested they start her on antibiotics for a day or so before trying to move her around.  I’ll be calling a couple times a day and will report how she’s doing if there are major changes.

Prayers will be appreciated.


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