January 13, 2014–end of excursions?

She had a podiatrist appointment today.  I asked QO if she could have her lunch a little early so she’d have time for a short nap before the transport picked her up and they did so.

She seemed very tired and completely out of it all afternoon.  I brought her home for supper.

She had trouble following simple directions, like how to get in and out of her wheelchair, how to get in and out of the car, how to turn her dish (Calli bowl) so she could get at the food on the other side.  (this is a little bigger than a cereal bowl)  She would not stand up straight unless I reminded her, could not or would not try to “look around” to help herself if it meant moving her head.

I tried to joke that staring at the floor would not help her find the toilet paper holder on the wall, but all this just was beyond her today. 

Even the habitual, repetitive things she has done–scratching her face, singing constantly–were absent.

I was told that most people decline when first admitted to a nursing home, but many perk back up after they get settled.  I’m thinking that may not happen with her  I’m also thinking the time may be past when taking her out for any reason is 1.  pleasurable for her or 2.  worth the tremendous effort it now takes to get her anyplace.

Usually William is her cuddle dog, but this time Mozart sat in her lap the whole ride back on a dark, cold, rainy night.  I wonder if he could sense her confusion.  


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