January 9, 2014–status quo

She has been relatively stable lately.  I brought her home for Christmas Eve supper.  She seemed to enjoy both being here and the food, but it took her nearly an hour and a half to eat.  I had fixed a small eye of round roast and now wonder if the effort of chewing the medium rare meat was what took so long.  I’ll have to take that into consideration in the future.

Got her back in time for me to go to midnight mass, then picked her up Christmas morning for church at 10 a.m.  I’ve never been to a Christmas Day service, but knew she would not have been able to handle the long services the night before.  Again, she seemed to do okay.  We were back at QO before lunch.

Last Sunday I finally was able to take her to a concert.  A young pianist was performing at our church at 3 p.m.  I had asked QO if she could have her lunch early enough for her to be able to get in at least a short nap before I picked her up and they cooperated.

Sitting there, listening to Bach, Beethovan, Prokofiev and Offenbach, I watched her toe tapping in time to the music like the former band member she is!  Fun!

A quick stop at a grocery store that had wheelchairs with shopping baskets was next.  I think she enjoys to ambiance of different spaces even though she can’t see.  Supper was at Burger King.  She couldn’t quite finish her Whopper, and I was surprised she suggested wrapping the last couple bites in a napkin to take out to the dogs who were waiting in the car.  Good for her!  That kind of short term memory is infrequent these days.

I know she was tired, but her responses to my chatter on the way back to QO were appropriate and “in the moment.”

Like most of the country, we’ve had bitter cold this week, so I cancelled one of her routine doctor’s appointments–didn’t want to have to take her outside.   I’ll see her this weekend.



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