December 22, 2013–ups and downs

It hasn’t been the best Advent.  I came down with a bad head cold more than two weeks ago and was afraid of passing it on to the residents, so didn’t go out there until the worst symptoms were gone.  Fortunately Mary is visiting twice a week, and Al gets over when he can.  We missed all the Christmas concerts I had hoped to take her to either because of me or the rain that has most inconveniently decided to appear on all the scheduled days.

I’ve been trying to make up for it.  The picture below was taken a few days ago during a visit when I think she was more alert than I was!  Their Christmas party was Thursday, and I must say the staff did a good job of shopping and wrapping presents for all the residents.  They had sent out a notice before Thanksgiving with information, but I misplaced/forgot/didn’t pay attention.  I was supposed to pick a name off a Christmas tree and shop for that resident and didn’t do it.  Oh well.  I did take a present to the nurses, LPNs and CNAs–three half-gallon bottles of hand sanitizer.  Even the grocery stores have it available–can’t understand why it’s nowhere to be found at QO.

They gave her a decorative pillow, a soft throw, a nightshirt (she never wears nightgowns) and a sweat suit.  I’ll shorten the legs and maybe put in some elastic at the bottom.  She opened everything, but I’m not sure it made much of an impression on her.   She did enjoy the pieces of cheese and fruit I gave her from my plate.  (They had an early supper and all the families brought food to share.)

Her latest “obsession” is singing (rather loudly) to herself whenever there is a lull in a conversation or she isn’t paying attention to what is going on.  I think it is part of  not having a hearing aid all the time.  I’m keeping her repaired one with me, so she only has it when I visit.

Yesterday she was completely out of it.  She had trouble walking the few steps from her wheelchair to her bathroom, got totally turned around in the bathroom, and seemed unable to follow directions:  to your right, to your left, turn completely around, I’m behind you.

Christmas plans are still indefinite.  I’m thinking of bringing her home for supper Christmas Eve and maybe taking her to church Christmas morning.  It depends on the weather, how I’m feeling, and some uncertainty in plans with some friends of mine.

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