November 22, 2013–furious!

It’s taken me a week to calm down enough to write this.  Two weeks after she got her new hearing aid, some idiot CNA put it through the laundry again!  This time it was ruined, though the new ear mold remained in place.  I was so angry I couldn’t talk with them about it.

Her first care planning meeting was Tuesday the 19th.  Were there any concerns or questions I had?  Oh boy, were there ever!  After complimenting them on the kindness and care shown by the staff and nurses, and the food, which she seems to enjoy, I started reading down my list.  I am glad I was able to keep my voice level, but reiterated every instance I knew of where her property–name clearly attached on everything–kept exiting her room and disappearing.

So, at the suggestion of a friend of mine, I told them I would be responsible for her laundry from now on.  I gave them a list of every item and said I wanted them all accounted for in her room when I brought her back from her eye doctor appointment the 21st (yesterday).

Of course, when I met the transport at the office, she was wearing someone else’s socks.  Socks are cheap, so I didn’t make an issue, just pointed it out.

Her hair hadn’t been washed.  They told me at the care planning meeting that she has been fighting them and getting very upset about it–which she denies remembering anything about.  Which is probably true.

There is no change in her eyes.  I left the room to talk with the doctor.  I agree with him that she is probably past the point where further treatments will make much difference.  He wants to monitor her every couple of months, but she doesn’t get around on her own at all anymore and doesn’t even try to look around to find her way–or anything else.

I have decided to get her hearing aid repaired.  I’ll try to get Medicaid to pay for it, but if not, will do so out of some of her funds I have squirreled away on her behalf.  But there is no guarantee the CNA’s will remember to check the battery.  Since she is deaf in one ear, if the battery is dead, the hearing aid is like an ear plug and she pulls it out.  She has a little hearing in that right ear, and that’s her only means of social interaction.

QO said “she seems to hear just fine if we get right up to her to talk with her.”  My retort:  “What if it were glasses?  Would you just  lead her around and help her find anything she is looking for?”

They had no comment.  I  think someone needs  to be fired, but didn’t say so.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes.  At least if the battery is dead, it is possible to know who didn’t check it that morning.

She is a little worse every time I see her.  On the drive back yesterday she asked if I know what happened to “Ken, that boy who was supposed to come live with our family.”  What?  I never heard anything about that, and as much as I tried to probe, the thought kept slipping away from her.  She’d start, “While I was waiting for you in the doctor’s office, I got to thinking about…” and then the thought would be gone again.  I wish I could have gotten her to start after the “doctor’s office” part, but no luck.  It was like she had this thing she wanted to tell me and it had to be in a certain order, but she couldn’t get past the first couple steps.

Next week is their annual bingo party, a fund raiser to buy Christmas presents for the residents.  I’ll go and take my contribution, though it will be two dozen home made muffins in a gold, beribboned basket instead of a cake.  I don’t do cakes.  They didn’t seem to be happy about that, but that’s their problem.  If they want a donation, they will have to accept what I do well.  I am not presently in the mood to cater to their idea about much of anything right now.

I think I will visit her Thanksgiving afternoon, rather than eat with them at their holiday lunch.  I have an opportunity to celebrate with some friends, which I will enjoy.  She won’t know the difference.  Maybe I’ll bring her home over the weekend.

Oh–I finally found some backless shoes that fit her.  I ordered and returned a pair in her size, then another in her size but wider.  Finally, I had bought some for myself (Drew’s extra depth, a half size larger than she wears) that I had planned to wear around the house as indoor/outdoor slippers, and they fit her perfectly.  So she has a decent looking pair of good leather shoes that put no pressure on her poor heels.

I’ll get some other “slippers.”


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One Response to November 22, 2013–furious!

  1. Margot Waterman Peter says:

    Sadly, these types of insensitivities were all too common when my mum was incarcerated 😉

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