November 8, 2013–bureaucratic incompetence

…all the way up the line.

Monday, Nov. 4, I got a letter from the state dated October 10, 2013, saying her Medicaid eligibility renew has to be complete by Nov. 11.

I moved her on August 30, which meant a change in her Medicaid status from “community care” (personal care home) to “long term care” (nursing home.)  Quiet Oaks filed the paper work with the Oglethorpe County DFCS that day.

The paperwork has sat on someone’s desk for 10 weeks.  So she has formally been removed from “community care” but there is no record  of her being moved to “long term care.”

Yes, the application for renewal can be filled out on-line, but officially, no one knows where she is.  And her financial records, which need to be submitted by mail, could go to any of three counties.

Her former case worker, who has been so helpful to me in the past and has no legal reason to help me out, sent me this at the end of an email this morning:

“Here’s a little tidbit to perhaps make you feel better.  We learned yesterday that 30,000 Medicaid renewal notices and 65,000 food stamp notices were NOT mailed out as they should have been, therefore all of these people will most likely lose their Medicaid and have to reapply…which as you know is a pain in the arse.”

And of course, the state accepts no responsibility for these errors.  We will manage, somehow.  Just think of all the people who won’t.



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One Response to November 8, 2013–bureaucratic incompetence

  1. Margot Peter says:

    Infuriating as well as heartbreaking…

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