November 5, 2013–lots of frustrations

I took Mary over today for the first time.  As soon as we arrived, while she was chatting with Mother, the staff regaled me with long, involved stories about how uncooperative and argumentative she had been all day.  Her hair was greasy again, as it was last Monday at the doctor’s.  Apparently that is because she is refusing to let them wash it.  It looks terrible, and I’ve asked them to tell her she needs to “look spiffy” for her visitors at least, or, at worst, call me before she gets in the shower so I can encourage her to let them clean her up.

She refused to eat lunch (main meal) and was generally obstreperous.  I guess when she is hungry, she will eat.

She was also pulling her new hearing aid out.  Of course, when I checked the batteries, they were dead.  Dead, because the box in which they are kept was in a tote bag at the bottom of her closet from last week, when I handed it to the staff.

Also in her closet was the mattress pad I bought so she wouldn’t have to sleep on a sheet-over-vinyl.  Her feather pillow was again made up in her room mate’s bed.  Her lavender throw was–wrapped around the legs of a lady in the other hall.


We bundled her up in her heavy coat and took her outside for the few minutes remaining in our visit time.  The new shoes I bought her are too narrow, so I will return them for something wider.  She is completely unwilling to “break them in,” which is not unexpected.

It hasn’t been a good day.




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