October 31, 2013–Haglund’s deformity

She has been complaining for months about her heels being sore.  They’re red, but the skin isn’t broken.  I finally took her to the podiatrist.  X-rays show “Haglund’s deformity”–boney, button-type growths on the upper part of her heels involving an inflamed bursa of some sort.  She didn’t complain much when he gave her a shot of cortisone, and the staff at QO seemed quite willing to follow his instructions of icing the areas a couple times a day (I had saved some little ice packs from somewhere).

I’ve ordered some leather mules which should arrive tomorrow.  She has one pair of nearly backless clogs.  I’ve brought her other shoes home.  She is to have no pressure on her heels for a while, which hopefully will allow the bursa to resolve itself.  She can’t have surgery, so I just hope she can keep “mules” on her feet.

Her new hearing aid is softer and the technician had it made so the tubes are much more difficult to detach.  I’ll see her next Tuesday, so will find out then how they are working.

She was somewhat more “with it” Monday–knew who I was and had my name correct.

When I wheeled her back into QO, she started singing again–songs I didn’t know she knew!  They don’t seem to mind, so that’s okay.


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