October 23, 2013–lights on, nobody home

It was sunny and brisk (love that euphemism!) when the dogs and I got over to QO yesterday afternoon.  She looked nice.  The beautician who cut her hair yesterday did a really good job.

I asked her if she’d like to go outside for a while and she readily agreed.  Bundled her up in her flannel-lined raincoat, tucked the dogs in her lap, and off we went.  The wind was cool but the sun was warm, so I bounced her chair through the grass and positioned her with her back to the sun while I sat on a granite bench.

Her newest habit is non-stop singing.  It must drive the staff nuts!  I gently reminded her that if she was singing I couldn’t talk with her.  She’d acknowledge, then forget, be reminded, forget–until finally I got her verbally engaged for a few minutes.

After some (banal) chit chat, I asked her if she knew who I was.

“Of course!  You’re Phyllis!”

“No, Phyllis was your cousin and your step-sister.  She has been dead for 25 years.  I’m your daughter.  Do you remember my name?”

No, she couldn’t.  I’ve been expecting it, but this is the first time it actually happened.  So to end on a happy note, I sang songs with her.  Thank goodness no one was around to hear us!

She is forgetting the most basic of how-to’s and has to be reminded to stand up straight so she can look for what it is she wants.

I think this will probably be her last Christmas.





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