August 21, 2013–“smart alec”

That’s what the director of WP called the nursing home administrator after she finally deigned to accept one of her many phone calls. This administrator of HH refused to accept or return my phone calls, so I asked Crystal if she would try. Perhaps professional-to-professional would work. The HH woman kept Crystal waiting on hold twice for 15 minutes, then curtly told her “We can’t meet Esther’s needs.”

Period. Hung up.


I can’t think of any business that would respond so rudely and unprofessionally. Thank goodness I found out about this attitude now, rather than after she was admitted.

But the problem remains, she needs to move asap. I have a call out to my second choice. They have had her application since mid-July, but had no beds available then.

I visited them about seven weeks ago. Older facility, comes highly recommended by staff at WP and the local “ombudsman” (whom I just happened to talk with yesterday).  Low staff turn-over (a very good sign), but out in the middle of nowhere in a crossroads so tiny there isn’t even a sandwich shop to take her to. However, if things continue at this rate, that may be a moot point.

We’ll see.


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One Response to August 21, 2013–“smart alec”

  1. Steph says:

    wow….I hope you can find some place to report your customer lack-of-service experience!!!! Is there some website that rates nursing homes?? You know….like Trip Advisor for hotels etc? Man. Glad you are not having to deal with that.

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