August 15, 2013–one week until moving day

I was getting so frustrated. When I visited Hill Haven, they had six beds available.  That was nearly three weeks ago.  Even though I turned in the application promptly and her doctor filled out all the forms, there always seemed to be something missing.    I did not understand what was going on, and at least three of the beds had been taken by the day before yesterday.

I talked with the director of Whispering Pines and expressed my concern that by the time everything was straightened out, there would no longer be room for her.  “I’ll take care of it,” she said.

She did.  Moving day is Thursday, August 22.  I’ll bring her home for supper tonight, take her to church for the last time Sunday, and keep her final haircut appointment in Athens Tuesday.  The new clothes I’ve ordered for her should be here in time.  I’ve already cleared extraneous stuff out of her room and will be taking care of details the next several days.

The residents and staff know she is leaving.  Yesterday one of the cooks hugged me with tears in her eyes and said “We’ll miss her!”  I’ll miss all of them, too.  For two and a half years I’ve chatted with all those ladies two or three times a week.

There are five workers who have been especially kind and caring, and I wanted to do something special for them.  Not that I could repay, but just to acknowledge and let them know my appreciation.  Please look back at the “Esther is 98–part one” post.  I went back to that pizza place and bought gift certificates for them from the same manager who picked up the bill for our lunch.  It feels good to be able to “pay it forward,” and I think he was as touched as I had been.  The ladies don’t need to know why I chose that restaurant, but perhaps he will get some new regular customers.

Now I have to go through the whole application for Medicaid again.  Apparently everything I did to enroll her in “community care” does not automatically transfer to “long term care.”  Bummer.

Oh–FWIW.  If your attorney ever tells you you “don’t need Power of Attorney” for someone in your care, insist on it.  I didn’t know enough in 2008 to do so and it has caused major headaches.   With her dementia, it is too late to do it now.  That is in addition to PoA for Health care.  You need  both.

supper on my patio 8-15-2013

supper on my patio 8-15-2013


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