August 7, 2013–by the end of the month

The process is in motion.  After visiting several nursing homes, I decided one in Commerce, a 30 minute drive from me, would be best suited for her.  All the paperwork should be in their hands by Monday.  I’m not sure when I will actually move her, but it will be the 15th at the earliest and no later than the end of the month.

Her behavior “fugues” – when she regresses to almost infantile, or at least toddler, behavior – are becoming more frequent.  It is very obvious she no longer qualifies to be in a personal care home.

Everyone is being very nice, helpful, and sympathetic.  I haven’t decided yet whether to apply again for Hospice for her.   I’ll make that decision after I get her settled in, whatever that means.  She is not at all oriented in time or place, so she may not even notice!  And with all these behavior changes,  telling the new caregiving staff about her might be an exercise in futility.

Her decline is progressing rapidly.


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