July 24, 2013–more confusion

I got a call from WP just after lunch.  Esther was really upset.  She had to pack to go help her folks make the arrangements for her brother’s funeral.

She was an only child, raised with three cousins/step siblings.  Oh dear.

I must have talked with her for 20 minutes.  It was not your brother who died, but your son.  Your folks have been dead for 70 years or more.  No, you don’t live in Ohio, you live in Georgia.  You have lived in Georgia for eight years.

Yes, all of your family members who were your age or older are now gone.  You had five children (enumerated).  Only two are left, your oldest and your youngest.  She lives half way across the country.  I live near you in Athens.

And then we started over again.  From the top.  Two or three times.  No one took your mom’s place after she died.  I don’t know if Reuben Parker married again.  I think he did.  I never met him.

Becky took care of all the arrangements for Ted.  The memorial and burial were last weekend.  We didn’t go because it was your 98th birthday.  Do you remember how much fun we had?

At least she remembered that.  I suggested she would feel better after a nice long nap.

It is so hard for her to wrap her mind around something new.  It must be frightening to know there is something she is supposed to understand but doesn’t.


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