July 19, 2013–Esther is 98 (part 2)

After lunch I took her back to WP so she could get a nap.  Late in the afternoon I got a call from a woman from St. Charles’ Christian Church, where Mother and Father had been members when they lived in MO 2000 – 2005.  Karen remembered them both fondly and called to give Mother birthday greetings.  She is the caretaker for her own 94 year old mother, Lucy, who is bedridden but mentally astute and also wanted to wish Esther well.

How nice!  I told them I wasn’t sure Mother would remember them, but they said that was fine, they remembered her.

I had bought cheesecake pieces to share with all the ladies for dessert after their supper.  I got there early and had a few minutes to chat with Mother’s roommate.  She said that Mother had spent Wednesday crying and reminiscing about my brother.  I asked of there was anything in particular she talked about.  Iris said she was sad that he never contacted her, that he was terribly overweight, drank too much, but she was sorry he was gone.  Apparently it lasted one day, and Mother has seemed fine since.

I am glad she was able to grieve in her fashion.  I am sorry I am unable to attend his  memorial service this weekend, but how often does a person get to celebrate a 98th birthday?

I tried to insert a video but this site won’t accept it, so I’ll email it to family members.

check the video below!


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