July 19, 2013–Esther is 98! (part 1)

I picked her up a little before noon to go out for pizza.  Al and Karen, the two folks from church who have visited her regularly, were going to meet us.   (note:  her eating has become quite messy both because of her lack of vision and her inability to concentrate on what she is doing.  Pizza and hamburgers are easy for her to handle)

We sat outside at the same restaurant I mentioned on May 8.  She was confused at first, telling Al and Karen I was Phyllis, her cousin.  During the meal, though, she “re-oriented” herself, and was able to respond to and chat about the cues and questions I/we gave her.  I asked our server if they did anything special for birthdays.  No? Not even for 98th birthdays?

At the end of the meal, the waitress brought out a small cup of ice cream with a candle in it and we sang “Happy Birthday,” to the applause and congratulations of those sitting around us.  When I went to pay the bill, she told me the owner had taken care of it!  It was his gift to her.  I was so touched I went inside, “dragged” him out from behind the bar, and gave him a hug.  I think he was embarrassed, but it was truly a kind gesture.

Al, Karen, Esther

Al, Karen, Esther

Al, Karen, Tina, Esther

Al, Karen, Tina, Esther

Tina, Esther

Tina, Esther

candle in the ice cream!

candle in the ice cream!


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