May 8, 2013–pizza by the “lake”

She has been better this last week.  Other than the fact that the staff has not had her hearing aid in any of the three times I’ve picked her up since I last posted, she seems to have been okay.

I have been asking her questions about her past–where she lived, what she did, who she knew–and, when she remembers, she enjoys talking.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had an actual “conversation,” but that’s fine.  I’ve avoided sharing news stories with her because she gets them mixed up and it upsets her.

Sunday not only William (who adores her) but also the new boy, Mozart, jumped in her lap, much to her delight.

Today I was pressed for time, so took her out for pizza at DePalma’s on the east side of  town.  They’re in a strip mall with a wide, covered walkway the entire length.  Various restaurants have tables outside, which is where we sat.  It’s been the first nice day we’ve had in some time, the breeze was warm, and she was convinced we were sitting by the lake.  I tried a couple of times to describe our actual setting, but finally decided that perhaps one of the advantages(?!) of being blind is:  if you want to be by a lake, you can!


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