March 9, 2013–bicycle built for two, etc.

The past few times I’ve had her home she has spent her time singing to William.  “Daisy, Daisy, etc.,”  “Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag,” etc.  She says her mother used to sing those songs all the time.  Well, yes.  But she has forgotten the words, and forgotten how to end the musical phrases.

I’m sorry, but I have butted in and sung the final phrases for her!  Not that it is important that she remembers, necessarily, but more that my head doesn’t like to hear the same  unending phrases over and over for half an hour!

My bad!

She wasn’t feeling well Wed., and got lost between the powder room and the kitchen again.  I had one of her favorite suppers, but she ended up throwing it up as we were in the parking lot getting her back home.  Her roommate has also been sick.

Now, three days later, they say she is fine, so I’ll bring her home again tomorrow.  Her stamina surpasses my own, I think.


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