February 21, 2013–eye doctor & Christmas!

I sat with her in the waiting room of her eye doctor for 3 1/2 hours this afternoon.  He is in town only on Thursdays, and the last few times she has had an appointment, it has been raining

I won’t take her out in the rain  1.  I can’t handle a wheelchair, umbrella and who knows what else, and 2.  after one such experience, I am scared to death of her falling.

The good news is that her eye, the only one with any remaining vision, is stable.  The last shot she had in it was October, and the doc sees no change since then.  So it will be three months before she has to go back.

Yesterday she called me on the phone.  That in itself is unusual–she usually doesn’t remember that all she has to do is ask.  And–she thinks she is still in Ohio and it is “long distance” to reach me.

She was very concerned that she hadn’t readied her Christmas cards.  She remembered that she had had some, and wanted to be sure I had the correct addresses.

It is the first time in more than a year that she has mentioned her room in my house.  She’s not sure where “my house” is, but she knew that she had extra cards.

I assured her that I had sent out her remaining cards to the people on her list.  I also joked that not only had she “missed” Christmas, but she had also “missed” Valentines Day.  She is good natured about this, and we shared a laugh.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and I may have  to cancel her hair cut appoint for the 3d time.  She is really getting shaggy!


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