February 17, 2013–fur coat, etc.

For two weeks after her hospitalization I would not bring her home.  I visited her, of course, but was concerned about wearing her out.

Both times she was here last week she seemed to have forgotten almost everything.   Even finding her way out of my tiny powder room was problematic.

Tonight I brought her home for supper and she seemed much better.  She had gotten a nice Valentine from the daughter of an old friend of hers.  I don’t remember Shari, who is some years younger than I, but I do remember her late mother, Marge.   In honor of their friendship, Shari has written a note to Mother every couple of months for several years.  Incredibly kind and thoughtful, IMO.  It prompted some nice memories that I was glad to listen to.

As usual, Mother was taking a long time to eat her meal.  I have figured out that she wants to be “polite” and use proper table manners.  After a certain period of time, I find some excuse to absent myself from the table for a bit, so she can use her fingers to find the rest of the food on her plate.  About ten minutes is usually sufficient.  I return and wow, she has finished!  I’ve never said anything about it and she hasn’t either, but it works.

She loves the (faux) fur coat I got her.  Here is a photo I took just outside the back door late this afternoon.



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