January 27, 2013–beating the odds again

Amazing.  She’s going home tomorrow.  Or back to WP.  The nurse yesterday was concerned about her balance and suggested to the doctor that she be kept until a physical therapist could see her today.

I got there about 4 p.m.  She had been sitting up all day and was hungry.  It was kinda fun letting her order her supper from the room service menu, then listen to her complain about the food.  She’s feeling better!

The doctor came in while I was there and complimented her royally.  Said she was a joy to deal with and that he loved her corny jokes.  He was very sympathetic and assured me he’d have all the paperwork ready.  So I plan to get there about 11:30 a.m., help her with her lunch, and then get her out of there.  WP had called while I was gone, expressing concern because they hadn’t heard anything since Friday.

Nice.  Praise God.  Oh, and “little William”was snuggling with her under her blanket. (see Christmas picture)


I took her back to WP around 3 p.m.  As we were getting ready to leave the hospital, her nurse started telling me all the funny jokes Mother had been cracking.  Apparently she now has quite a fan club there.

She got into bed immediately–I could tell she was exhausted.  I’ve canceled all her appointments this week and won’t even try to bring her home for meals again until she is completely well.  Thanks to all for your concern.


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One Response to January 27, 2013–beating the odds again

  1. Fran Covert says:

    Excellent news, Tina.

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