January 24, 2013–lock down

Whispering Pines is on lock-down.  No one allowed in or out except staff.  A third lady from Mother’s building was sent to the ER yesterday, and a fourth has started showing the same symptoms.  If oral antibiotics don’t help, she will also be hospitalized today.  There are only 15 residents.

Whew.  But the good news is Mother has not thrown up since yesterday a.m. and the diarrhea seems to have stopped as well.  Last night her temperature and blood pressure had returned to normal.  She has eaten her “clear liquid meals” and hopefully will be allowed solid food today.

I talked with her nurse this morning.  She is still on IV antibiotics, but they have her sitting up in a chair.  She will have to stay until no one is sick in her unit.  I have mixed feelings–hospitals aren’t always the healthiest places to be, but there is no other choice.

I’ll go over the WP and pick up some things for her (which will be left on the porch since I can’t go in), and take them to the hospital this afternoon.

I’ll add updates to this entry for a couple of days–no need to clutter the mailboxes of those of you who have asked for notifications.


6:30 p.m.:  She’s doing okay with some slight setbacks that will keep her on a clear liquid diet another day.  She was happy to see me and talkative, but tired very quickly and was ready for sleep after an hour.  Jill, I took “little William” over to her and she seemed pleased.


2 p.m. Jan. 25:  She has kept down bland solid food today, is less dizzy, but her blood pressure has shot up.  I was alarmed.  The nurses assure me they will monitor it.  She is very confused–thought my late father had visited and was mad at her because she didn’t want to talk.  The aide told me she asked her to write a letter of apology to him for being rude.  She also thanked the “several young men” in her room that were tucking up the blankets around her chin and making her comfortable.  I let it go, and after I got her settled, left so she could sleep.


4 p.m. Jan. 26:  Later last night I was told she could be discharged today.  But about an hour ago the nurse called and said they are keeping her another night because her balance is way off.  She’s on a regular diet, but after being so ill and in bed for three days, they think she needs some physical therapy before she can be released to WP.  She may have to go to a “sub-acute care facility” for a couple days.

Oh, and I found out the reason her blood pressure shot up was because they STOPPED HER BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE!  Whatever for?  I can understand stopping the Lasix (diuretic) because of dehydration, but this is a mystery.  If her blood pressure is up, that may have something to do with the dizziness.  (Should I stop second guessing the doctor?)


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2 Responses to January 24, 2013–lock down

  1. Jill says:

    Thanks so much for the update. Glad to hear she is doing a little better. Will keep her in our prayers – and you as well, as you deal with all the details and issues surrounding her care.

  2. Steph says:

    yikes!!! sounds serious. Glad Gram seems to be doing better.

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