January 4, 2013–eins, zwei, drei

…vier, funf.  We’ve always counted the steps down and back up at WP.  Today she counted in German!  How did she remember that?  In the car, we counted to dreizig.  She took German classes in the late 1980’s before I took her to Europe and did rather well.  She doesn’t remember the trip, just the German.

One of the two pairs of shoes-for-people-with-bunions I ordered for her came today.  They’re sort of clogs, with an open back.  I thought she could keep them next to her bed so she could just slip into them if she needed to walk to the bathroom at night.  They seem to fit fine, but I can trim the removable insole if needed.

Overall, it was a good evening, except she wondered how her stepfather, Reuben Parker, was doing.  I never met him, but explained that if he were still alive, he’d be over 130, which didn’t seem likely.  She was surprised, but after thinking about it, decided I was probably right.


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