November 13, 2012–night and day!

For two weeks she hasn’t been able to hear, even with her hearing aids.   So frustrating–for her and everyone else.  Conversation was impossible, as was trying to help her understand what she needed to do (as in:  sit down, stand up, wash her hands.)   She was really getting isolated and I could tell the inability to interact was upsetting her.  At first I supposed it was rapidly increasing dementia.  Then I remembered she has a propensity for developing too much ear wax, so I scheduled the first appointment I could get with her ear doctor.

This morning was the day.  When she finally understood what he was going to do, she called him her “wax doctor.”

Amazingly, he extracted a lima-bean size chunk that had been totally blocking her ear canal.  When she put her hearing aids back in, she jumped.

“Why are all of you screaming?”

Okay, so I adjusted the volume control, and the change in her demeanor was instantaneous.  Suddenly she was talkative, cracking horrible jokes, and giggling like a school girl.

In the car she said, “I went to the wax doctor and he fixed my funny button.”

Y0u GO, girl!


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