October 14, 2012–winter clothes

I hadn’t seen her for more than two weeks.  My second papillon, my “heart” dog, died 17 days after she was diagnosed with what turned out to be a severe heart problem that had been building for years.  When I called Mother to tell her, she was very sympathetic.  “Oh no!  You’ve lost two in one week!”

No, actually, I lost my first papillon at the end of May.  But at least she remembered, even if her time frame was off.  Then she started asking questions.

“Was it the one that always gives me ear kisses?  The one that likes tummy scritches?”

I assured her that William, her favorite, was still here and looking forward to seeing her.  She seemed relieved.

I was going to take her to a concert last Sunday, but she had a mild tummy upset and I didn’t want to chance it.

Thursday I took her to the podiatrist, then brought her home for lunch.  WP, at my request, had given me all the clothes she has outgrown–LOTS of them!  She is too big around the waist to wear ready-made slacks of any size, so I am going to have to have them made for her.  She also can’t fit into her heavy winter coat.  I have spent hours on line and must order something soon.  It isn’t easy to fit a 4’11” woman whose measurements are all over the map.

Cognitively, there isn’t much change since my last entry.  She seems content where she is.  Some of the ladies are chatting with her, which makes her feel less isolated.   She gets disoriented at times, and is often confused, but remains pleasant and sociable.  Tomorrow after my class I’ll take her to Burger King for lunch.  There’s another free concert next Sunday, so I’ll plan to take her to that one.

with William on the patio, lovely evening, 10-18-12

he readily jumps in her lap for “scritches”



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