August 30, 2012–no change

When she first moved to WP I asked for two things.  First was their help in getting her days and nights straightened out, which they did.  It took a year and a half, between them and me.  The second was that she participate in all the activities, thinking she needed the mental stimulation, even if she didn’t “enjoy it” or remember it.

But she has changed, and her needs have changed.  Now, her stamina is so limited that when fatigued, she simply doesn’t function mentally.  So I’ve asked them to limit her daily activities to one thing only.  If I am taking her out (and I give a schedule several weeks in advance), nothing else that day.  If she has physical therapy, that’s it.  I’ve asked her church visitors to work around the few things on her calendar.

This means she can nap both mornings and afternoons, and is doing much better the few hours she is awake each day.  But Monday when I brought her home, she seemed overly warm to the touch.  I took her temperature and it was 99.6.  She ate a small supper and I took her back as soon as I could.  At my request, they have cancelled all her activities, and I even cancelled a hair cut appointment for her this afternoon.  She has a little sinus congestion/post nasal drip, but the fever is gone.  I am pleased they are willing to abide by my wishes concerning her activities at the moment.  I talked with her on the phone, and she seems very willing to just rest.

We’ll see.  The next time I’m supposed to bring her home is Sunday.

I have made a couple phone calls about nursing homes, but am not pressing it for the moment.


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