August 10, 2012–bracing for change

Yesterday the on-site Medicaid nurse gently told me what I have been expecting the hear for some time.  It is time to start looking at nursing homes and get Mother on some waiting lists.

Physically, she is in good shape.  When she moved to Whispering Pines, even with her extremely poor vision, she could navigate her way around with minimal help.  She memorized where things were.  She recognized people by their voices and slowly learned to put names and voices together.

They are planning a State required fire drill today or Monday.  All residents of assisted living and personal care homes must be able to exit with minimal help.  Mother will need to be taken out in a wheelchair.

They have taken such good care of her there.  There are no nursing homes in Athens that I would even consider entrusting her to.  The nearest are half an hour away, which will mean an end to frequent meals at home and the outings she has so enjoyed.  Her world has been collapsing inward for some time and now will become even smaller.  I have to keep reminding myself that with her diminished mental capacity, she may not notice.

They will give me time, I know.  They are good people, but they have their own minimum requirements.  I understand.  It’s just hard.



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One Response to August 10, 2012–bracing for change

  1. Margot says:

    This stage is the hardest; we had to proceed with that decision around Chistmas and finding a nursinghome that would take her (she was on Medicaid so not that many beds available in any of them). I dd console myself with the fact that she really didn’t have clue where she was, or even who I was at the end. Its very hard Tina – but please know that you are not alone.

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