August 3, 2012–fatigue

I sat with her at the eye doctor’s for three and a half hours Thursday.  When I picked her up Friday afternoon for her annual with her cardiologist, she didn’t want to go.  They told me there had been a special event in the morning in the main building and that later, she had a session with her physical therapist.

She was tired!

Both doctors saw no change in her conditions and expressed amazement–as do we all.  On the way home she said,  “I only smoked 3 or 4 cigarettes in my life.”

What???  Where did that come from?  I had to tease her, especially since I, too, had smoked for a short time early on.  It was “the thing to do.”

Then she asked, “Are we in Kent?  What are the rents like around here?”

I had lived in Kent, OH for one year while I finished college.  I was surprised she remembered that.  I don’t think she had ever been in my apartment there.

“Why do you want to know about rents?  I’m afraid I’m the wrong person to ask.”

“I want to get Mom away from Reuben Parker.  He keeps beating her on her breasts.”

Oh dear.  I explained that her mother and stepfather have both been dead for many years, but wondered to myself if she was conflating her mother’s experience with her own.  There certainly are parallels.

I also realized that she is probably talking about some of these painful memories for the first time.  Purging can be healthy, I suppose.

By the time we got home it was 6:30 p.m.  Preparing the supper I had planned would take 45 minutes.  She wanted to take a nap,  but I knew if she did I wouldn’t be able to get her up or back to WP.  So I called over there, asked if they could warm up some leftovers, and got her back as quickly as I could.

She just doesn’t have any stamina anymore.


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