July 4, 2012–digging into past…tomatoes!

Sunday I took her and the lady who lives across the hall from her to a Fourth of July concert.  Geneva is very sharp, a long time Athens resident, and was very much into the festivities.  Mother was quiet, so I wasn’t sure what was going on with her.

Today I picked her up for a holiday cookout.  We stopped at the farmer’s market.  I left her and the dogs in the car with the air conditioning running and bought some fresh tomatoes–a favorite of both of ours.  Before we left, she had insisted she had already eaten supper, and continued to do so up until the steaks were ready.  I think she had slept so soundly this afternoon she had “lost” those hours and was remembering the special lunch WP had provided.

While we were eating I wanted to try to understand the origins of her deep faith.  Yes, her mother had taken her and her youngest step brother to church when she was a child.  No, she doesn’t remember much about that church.  I have vague memories of the church where I was baptized, but she does not.  (Note:  not for any reason other than I remember visiting once when I was 6 or 7, wearing the most beautiful winter coat I ever owned!)

She said someone had encouraged her to start reading the Bible after she moved to Olmsted Falls, but she couldn’t remember who. I tried the few names of friends of hers that I remember, with no luck.

We talked about the two old buildings of Olmsted Community Church, both of which I remember well but she does not.  I asked if she remembered Tommy’s funeral, and we talked again about the two children she lost.   She didn’t remember how either had died, and all I could do was tell her what she had told me years ago.

I could tell she was getting tired, asked her about the concert three days ago (she said she enjoyed it) and reminded her about the fresh tomatoes in her salad.  That’s when she perked up, enjoying them with gusto, and talked about the gardens she had “always had.”

I am attaching two photos of her in her summer seersucker suit.  When she moved in with me in 2005 she weighed 92 pounds and wore a petite extra-small.  Now she weights 134 and petites extra large are too tight for her.  I may have to start putting her in smocks!


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