June 20, 2012–wise cracks!

When I picked her up this morning to take her to the doctor for a general check-up, I heard a high pitched rattle deep in her chest.  When I told him about it, he was concerned, but before he could whip out his stethoscope, she piped up:

“At my age, I’m glad to have ANYTHING rattle!”

When she quits with the wise cracks, I think it’ll be time to pack up and go home!

He put her on antibiotics as a precaution.  Then I took her to Burger King.  The conversation took some odd turns.

“How far is it from your house to the boat?”

“What boat?”

“The boat I’m living on.”

“What makes you think you are living on a boat?”

No answer.  I was wracking my brain, trying to think of anytime she had “lived on a boat.”  A-hah!  When she and my father had traveled to Alaska.  So I asked her what she remembered about Alaska.

“Everything was so big.”  Expecting to hear about glaciers and mountains, I asked her to be specific.

“Flowers.  The flowers get so much sun they grow to be enormous.”

Okay.  Because of the long daylight hours?  I’ve never been to Alaska, so I don’t know.

When I got her back to WP, she wanted to take a nap. But

“I’m not sure this is the room I’m staying in today.”  Oh dear.

I tucked her in and told her I imagined it must be very confusing to have her memory play tricks on her so often.  She smiled, agreed, but didn’t seem upset about it.  This must be what it means to be thankful for small favors.


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