May 29, 2012–more of the same, only less of it (!)

There is not much new to report.  I continue to see her twice a week–meals at home, various appointments–except for last week.  I had to put down my li’l ole man, Maki, who had complete kidney failure.  (very hard, still grieving)  I had told Mother he was ill.  She literally kissed him good-bye, with the comment “of course he doesn’t know what a kiss is.”  Now, a week later, she remembers his name, but has probably asked 30 times, “How old was he?”

Everything about her is slowing down–her movements, her thought processes, and of course, her memory.  She enjoys hearing about the news of the day, but I have to censor what I say because she gets upset.  I have been trying to get her to talk about anything past the time she got married, but with little success.

1.  She was a “general flunky” at the Worthington Company for three years after high school.

2.  Her mother said Jack Freeman wasn’t the man for her.

3.  When I was a baby and they lived in their first apartment, she would put me in the buggy on the screened porch just outside their living room so I could get some air.  (now aren’t you just thrilled to get that information?!)

My son-in-law, of whom she has been very fond, called yesterday.  When I told her about the call, she said, “I don’t think I ever met him.”  Matt, don’t take it personally!  She only remembers what is a constant presence in her life.  Or what happened 75 years ago.




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