May 9, 2012–important revelation

I was picking her up yesterday to come home for supper and then to hear the Georgia Children’s Chorus’s annual concert.  WP had messed up, and when I got there she was already eating, and wasn’t ready.  Lot’s of confusion, which she seemed to take in stride, so I was startled when on the drive home she said,

“Oh, I’ve been meaning to tell you.  When my mother took me to first grade, she registered me as Esther Schmidt.  I had been known as the Schmidt’s little girl until she married Reuben Parker.  Then I was Esther Parker.”

Bingo.  Something I had long suspected and extended family had alluded to, was now confirmed.  Details aren’t appropriate in this forum, but if you know a little about the family history, you know to what I am referring.  I talked about Walter Henry, and she calmly agreed that the story she had been told as a child probably wasn’t true.   She seemed relieved to be able to discuss it openly, and thanked me for being understanding.

Imagine carrying that for almost 97 years!  I’m proud of her ability to let things go.


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