May 4, 2012–a sigh of relief

I have been really concerned.  First was the phone call from the new lady in charge at WP about her increased confusion and then the episode at the dentist’s office.  Sunday I took her and her roommate to hear “Airmen of Note,” the Air Force jazz band.  They played mostly big band era numbers, and both ladies enjoyed it.  Two days later, Mother didn’t remember we had gone.

So Wednesday I took her to the doctor for a urinalysis, knowing that UTI’s sometimes present as confusion in the elderly.  She’s fine, no problem there.  That’s good news, but felt like a body blow.  I was so concerned about the possibility of having to move her.

Yesterday there was a retirement party for the previous “lady in charge,” the one who had been so very helpful with advice.  I had a chance to talk with the Medicaid nurse, who reassured me that Mother is no where near the point of incompacity that would require a nursing home.  There have been many staff changes recently and another of  her favorites is no longer there.  The nurse said they often see this when new and unfamiliar people are providing care.  Mother’s blindness makes it especially hard.

This morning she called to reiterate, saying the director agrees with her assessment and I shouldn’t worry.  What a relief.



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