April 20, 2012–from her friend, Al

I got a brief visit in with Esther just before lunch and after the visiting harpist entertained the group.  She and they said they enjoyed the harp music. It was over before I got there.  As is beginning to be typical, she couldn’t remember who I was, but I visit her enough that she is not embarrassed to ask me my name.  We had a good chat in her room and discussed the philosophy of dealing with old age. She has said this before and still affirms it:  You don’t whine, complain, get depressed, etc. by what occurs as you age. She reminded me very much about Father Richard Rohr’s comment about life:  “It is what it is.”  My own theory is that her acceptance may account for her long life.

We talked about praying for others and both of us agreed that it is a good thing. It may help in healing them and in helping the person praying for others, as he or she looks outward, instead of concentrating on the human will. Sometimes the effect of praying by the prayer-maker may be more notable than the prayer of intercession.

As usual, she saw me to the door and I signed out at the guest book.  She looks well and has sharp thought processes, although her memory is not good for recent events. Take her back some years, and she still remembers a lot. She really does enjoy having visits. I told her I thought she would like it if I came and tried to stack marbles.  She laughed and said, “anything for a change.”


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