April 15, 2012–my other house is in Paris

“Does this house have the same floor plan as your other one?” she asked after we came in from a pleasant hour at the park.

Hmm, does she mean the penthouse in New York or my flat in London?  Had to tease her about that.  We both giggled.  It was the only mental hiccup of the afternoon.

The weather was gorgeous, so we ate on the patio, William sitting sentinel under her chair hoping for dropped tidbits.  He wasn’t disappointed.  Today she remembered living in St. Charles, even the name of their street:  Hastings Way.  We chatted about the people at WP.  She really seems at home there.

I asked her if she remembered the radio program “A Prairie Home Companion,” with Garrison Keillor.  She most certainly did.  I told her I have a ticket to see him in person a week from tomorrow and she got all excited–wants me to “tell her everything.”  I’ll do my best.


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