April 8, 2012–Easter

Last Sunday, instead of Palm Sunday services, I took Mother and her roommate, Iris, to a downtown church to hear Handel’s “Messiah.” We got there in plenty of time, so there was no trouble parking or finding a seat.   The performance was by a University group that specializes in ancient and medieval music, accompanied by period instruments.  The music was great, the young soloists, terrific.  The ladies seemed to enjoy themselves, as did I.

Both Al and Karen (church members who visit her frequently) commented on how alert she seemed this week.  I didn’t see her until today, but even though I talked with her on the phone Wednesday, she complained to both of them (and left a message on my voice mail) about how worried she was because she hadn’t seen me for weeks!

Oh well.

I took her to church this morning and she really enjoyed the music.  Lots of people spoke with her, and the altar guild sent an Easter lily home with her.  We ate lunch in the Parish Hall, then I took her back to WP so she could get a nap.

I brought her home for supper–grilled a steak outside and ate on the patio.  The weather was perfectly lovely.  As usual, William wouldn’t leave her alone.  How she loves his pestering her!

by the flowered cross

Jenny gave her an Easter lily


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