March 23, 2012–from her friend, Al

I visited Esther today and found her in good spirits and looking good.  We met on the glassed-in porch, where I think it is better to talk. I would say today was one of her sharper days.

She showed considerable interest in the solar panel project to make electricity for St. Greg’s and to sell some of it back to GA Power. She saw the advantage of this in cutting power bills down.

I read her today’s meditation from Our Daily Bread about Christians’ needs to share the Gospel. I asked her what her answer would be about how she made herself known as a Christian.  She thought a bit and said she would share that story two ways: first through her own life and actions, and secondly through talking about it.  She thinks actions speak louder than words

It is refreshing to find that although she forgets many things, she is still quite capable of thinking and talking about something other than everyday stuff.  I was having a rather down day, what with aches and pains, etc., and I came away refreshed from hearing her talk. I do wish more church members could open themselves up to visiting friends and relatives in assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.  We gain so much from visiting them. I thanked Esther so much for sharing.

She is a strong and thoughtful person.


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2 Responses to March 23, 2012–from her friend, Al

  1. Margot Peter says:

    Loved reading about your talk with Esther, Al. I too believe that actions show your faith and love more than anything, and your actions in visiting Esther are a wonderful gift to us all. Thank You!

  2. Noel N says:

    Good job Tina! Esther is a real trooper as some would say. What a spirit, what a faith, what a God?!!Noel

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