March 7, 2012–from her friend, Fran

I arrived shortly after lunch. Esther preferred to stay in her room and her roommate, Iris, thoughtfully turned the TV so low it could not be heard. Esther had one hearing aide in and, finding the other one in her pocket successfully, got it into place. Iris, like a mother hen, scolded her for doing it herself and got an aide to check if it was in place.

It was.

When I introduced myself, Esther, gracious lady that she is,  told me she recognized my voice.  I’d love to think she really did. We had a good talk – somehow the subject of old cars came up and she talked about how her male cousins were always eager to crank the car so her grandfather could  do his errands. That led to the farm she  grew up on and the old brick house etc.

When I left,  Esther, as usual, walked me to the door and made sure I signed out.

(NB:  Fran is one of three people from St. Gregory’s who visit Mother regularly.)



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