Feb. 24, 2012–from her friend, Al

Hello, all: I had a good visit with Esther this morning, and, as always, she was glad to have a visitor. After a few minutes she asked who I was, and I gave her my name. I joked with her that she really had to identify all the male callers she had, as she didn’t want to get them mixed up.  She thought that was pretty funny.  We had a good chat. She seems quite well, but I think it is getting more difficult for her to remember things. I ended up reading her a couple of meditations from Our Daily Bread, which she likes a lot. I couldn’t find any up-to-date Our Daily Bread copies, so I stopped by after I saw Esther and got a new Forward to read to her from.

I think Whispering Pines, all in all, is doing a really good job with the people who stay there. I call before I go, and they have always had her ready for a visitor. They also tell me if they have scheduled entertainment, and I try to work around that. Taking part in the entertainment efforts is probably good for her. Her lack of eyesight makes it hard for her to be a part of the group, as does her  poor hearing .  I think our visits do help her fight off the severe boredom which hits those in assisted living or in nursing homes.  Al


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One Response to Feb. 24, 2012–from her friend, Al

  1. Margot Peter says:

    Thank you Al, for all you do. Wish you’d been around to visit my Mum – we appreciate you!

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