Feb. 21, 2012–caring doctors

Medicaid has it’s own ideas about what prescriptions it will pay for (read: cheaper is better).  One that she has taken with no problems for years is not on their “formulary.”  Knowing how sensitive she is and the problems we had last summer when a substitute for something else was tried, I expressed concern to her cardiologist and asked for the list of side effects.

One is dizziness.

He said that legally he had to try her on the generic, but to let him know if she had any trouble and he would write an appeal.  She began the new version Feb. 9.  The following week she fell twice.  Fortunately, she only bumped her head.  WP notified me each time, I called the doc, he wrote the letter, and today  I received notice that the appeal was approved.  Yay!  She’s back to taking what she needs and what agrees with her.

I had her home for supper last night.  She seemed perfectly lucid and able to converse about numerous things, but there is a weird blank space in her memory from 2000 – 2005.   She remembers St. Charles Christian Church but not their apartment on Hastings Way.

Her memory also stops as of early March 2008 and picks up again in bits and pieces about 20 months later.

Oh–the “partial wall” in the Feb. 3 post was a huge bookcase set at right angles to a wall, sectioning off a space behind it for the only stove in the “west wing.”  I guess I’ll get my  drawings together and post them sometime soon.  I wonder why it is so important to her that I understand what her childhood home looked like?

We’ll go to Ash Wednesday services tomorrow.  She remembers our going in the past and seems to really want to do it.


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One Response to Feb. 21, 2012–caring doctors

  1. Margot Peter says:

    Yay for you for standing up – sadly, many people will not.

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